Slowly, I keep whittling away at my list of things to do. This all encompassing list includes film/video projects, work for clients, hobbies, housework, and movies/TV shows to watch. Getting a little bit done at a time almost every day helps make the pile lower, although I have a habit of adding to it all the time. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies get placated when I finish off a job. It’s the mental equivalent to a money shot when I finish a project. Screened a few things last night. Met some old friends. Handed off more TV shows for broadcast abroad to at least 3 places. Ate at Marie’s Pizza. Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all.

The long drive to and fro has a benefit and a deficit. It clears my head and music overtakes me, but sometimes that means I go to places I don’t like so much. Contemplation with no outlet of distraction usually means sadness. Especially with Damien Rice on the MP3’s.

Overall, still not too blue. I’m keeping my head on. I have things to get done and the elation of completion overcomes most down thoughts. In some ways, my sense of humor is coming back to me because I chuckle a little at my misfortune. In my personal life, things just keep getting worse and worse.

Even the most mundane and seemingly irrelevant things just won’t go my way. From an alarm clock not going off to missing an email with an opportunity to someone forgetting lunch to someone bailing on a project from 2-3 months ago and telling me now; I’m just not feeling like the universe particularly wants me to succeed at the moment. Or an ex girlfriend that I let the other guys watch while I made out with her and took her shirt off in the storage room with choir robes during high school finally perfected her voodoo doll technology.

All I know is that my good luck has turned to ash and my only real option is to ride it out and giggle a little at the coincidences. And maybe look up how to invert curses on the internet.

“Inside the doors are sealed to love. Inside my heart is sleeping “
― Sting

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