Tomorrow, I shoot again. Ploy thus far successful. Time to wake up, get up, and stand up. Scouting a location last night. Holy cow is it awesome. This will be the kind of thing that looks better than most of what I do. All the DP’s who turned down this gig are gonna regret it when they see the footage. All 2 of them! Going to try and watch some movies today. At least 2 at some point, I hope. I have the strangest hankering to watch Star Wars Episode 2 and 3, not 1. Maybe it’s the nice color palettes or the technical aspects of HD features in 24P. Or just Natalie Portman with a bare midriff. Who knows?

I have to find time to get some faux blueprints made as props to seal the deal for this clip we’re shooting. So far, things are working out fantastic. I’d like to keep these shoots rocking. I need to keep creating, no matter what. Discipline, obsessive-compulsive, push through whatever malaise haze from the daze that comes from working a lot does to the human brain and set my soul free. Adapt and overcome.

I’m quite proud of myself this week. 3-4 times adversity and temptation came face to face with me, put me at my absolute weakest mental and emotional states and yet I beat it. Yeah, adversity – you’re a sissy and you wear girl clothes. Kicked your sorry ass like a double jointed long legged ass kicker. Either I’m growing up or just getting control over overreacting then acting way too fast. Somehow the latter seems more likely.

I’ve got an extra amount of cleaning to do today. The little temporary kittens, THING 1 and THING 2 have torn apart anything that ain’t locked down. They figured out how to work the cat doors, so “V” and Lorenzo have no safe harbour. There’s no time off, not really. I can’t ever feel like I’m getting any rest or peace. The hum of happiness in the busy ain’t too bad though…

At least I’m not sick right now!

“You can put me out on the street, put me out with no shoes on my feet, but put me out of misery”
― Rolling Stones

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