The BASIC OF EDITING CLASS focuses more on the theory of editing and a universal approach to computer based editing. It is NOT format or software specific. It does not matter if you are editing with Avid, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, or even Imovie or WindowsMovieMaker. Next session starts FEBRUARY 13th, 2006
4 weeks for $59 / Tuesday nights for 4 weeks

Class is held @ Tavares Teleproductions [map]
4351 Donlyn Ct Columbus Ohio 43232
Phone: 614.378.5941

Contact: Peter John Ross
Phone: 614.378.5941

The first week focuses on where editing started and how it applies to anything from a :30 commercial to a 10 minute short to a 4 hour director’s cut of an epic film. From there practical editing begins on how to edit a simple scene and goes into finishing with music, titles, and effects. The class has become very interactive with new video demonstrations and examples, as well as informative clips on how the class is applied in practical use.

Week #1 – Introduction

  • The Basics
  • Construction
  • Overview – how editing fits into the overall scheme of making a movie
  • Editing Software
  • Avid vs. Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere vs. Sony Vegas Video
  • Rules of story/writing
  • Rules of shooting
  • Where did editing come from? linear vs. non linear editing
  • Computers & editing
  • Compression – What is a CODEC?
  • Film & DV – What is RESOLUTION?
  • FILM 24 frames per second versus VIDEO 29.97 frames per second
  • What is a TELECINE?
  • OFFLINE versus ONLINE editing on Film

Week #2 – Editing a Scene

  • The Layout – an artists palette
  • Capture/Digitizing & Logging
  • Why logging is important
  • How to capture/digitize (heads & tails)
  • Setting up the palette
  • Editing Basics
  • Straight cuts
  • L-Cuts
  • Alternative Processes
  • How do other editors edit a scene?
  • See interfaces of other editing software.

Week #3 – Finishing a Scene

  • Finishing
  • Titles
  • Music
  • Audio tweaking
  • Modern Editing Styles
  • French New Wave effect on editing
  • Breaking the Rules
  • Examples

Week #4 – FX & Beyond

  • Color Grading
  • How color effects movie
  • Types of color effects
  • Visual FX
  • Plug-ins & Filters
  • Blue/Green Screen FX
  • Manually creating a matte
  • Animated Titles
  • CGI – Computer Generated Images
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