So we put out the first video blog for ACCIDENTAL ART. I think the idea of taking a few potshots at myself and my reputation will make for a humorous thing. People have a certain perception of me and what working with me is like. I don’t mind make a slightly exaggerated parody of this.

I started making silly pictures of myself and opening this up on Facebook for people to make fun of me a bit. Why not? Apparently people want to take me down a peg or two, so now they can.

We’re going to do 5-6 more of these. We sketched out the plan, and now that I showed how easily it is to do the FX work, the ambition rises. Alex had this idea that we expanded on and have made into something that is already getting some really good feedback.

I’ve been in something of a social coma of late. I have strong antisocial feelings towards most of the people I normally have hung out with. I’m in this creative head space and I don’t want to be distracted by unimportant drama. Word still reaches my ears about this, that, and the other in terms of who is making what movies and the opinions of such. I’m out of it and I don’t care.

Some people can spend years making movies and not improve. So what? I honestly don’t care what other people do or don’t do. It’s none of my business and they have every right to make movies and suck or not suck.

I just want to work on my own projects and create things that I like. Come January 2011, when FRAMELINES hits PBS, we’ll see how much I can stay out of everyone else’s business‚Ķsince the premise of the show is to go onset and talk to as many people as we can about their projects.

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