Had a total blast yesterday. Screened a bunch of stuff at Indieclub Cleveland. Yet again, a lot of discussion sparked by the Sonnyboo Podcasts and the topics therein. I also showed the re-edit of the last Movie ClicheSaturday night I finally got into the re-edit. I tried to speed up the pace, make it funnier with alternate takes, and still keep the aspects I liked. Because of the lengths of the takes, even though I shaved out :30 seconds of run time, it added back in :22, so I only lost about :08 seconds total. I think it made the Movie Cliché a LOT better. Response has been better online and at the screening last night.

Had the almighty Marie’s Pizza, although taking someone with me meant less leftovers! I forgot about that. I would trade the company of a great conversationalist over leftover Marie’s Pizza any day…. okay most days….. sometimes. No, I love sharing this place as it is unique and oh so good.

Next on deck, some CGI work with an artist far superior to myself. The next Movie Cliché is almost all CGI, and I have to re-shoot the intros. Looking at the original, which was the very first Movie Cliché written and shot, not only did I have no close ups (because I’m an idiot and even the Sonnyboo Intern Army suggested we shoot them and I am on camera saying “No, we don’t need close ups for this one“), but the main point I was trying to make is never stated, so that means RESHOOT.

Lordy, I feel great. The screening last night put me on a bit of a high. The nearly 2 hour drive home blew by. Good conversation, adrenaline high, and a full tummy combined to make time fly. I’m starting to truly feel like myself again. It’s been years. It’s been even longer since I felt like this alone, more than a decade.

About to start a major promotion for the newer episodes of FRAMELINES starting on April 14th. I have not issued a formal press release in a few years. I used to do it every other month, so I guess I’ve stopped my press whoring as much as I once did.

“Gargoyles standing at the front of your gate, trying to tell me to wait, but I can’t wait to see you.”
– Lana Del Rey

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