Starting compiling new episodes of FRAMELINES from what we have completed and edited, deviating from the structure I endeavored to maintain. I adhered to the 5 segments with dedication. At this point, I just want new episodes finished and delivered for broadcast. We have some great material that might not ever see the light of day otherwise. Instantly, 2 episodes fell together nicely. A 3rd and 4th are pretty close, and a 5th is not far behind with some minimal shooting, all at our studio with small crew and cast. Trying to maintain a flow from segment to segment, keeping variety and pace in mind, I believe I can live with the results.

The rhythm does go from a lot of shorter edits in the 2-3 minute clips to a halt in the longer, slower roundtable segments, but in my mind it still works overall. It may cause controversy to anyone who watches, but we shall see. I’m certain if anyone wanted to they could attempt to rock the boat with almost anything. Weirdly, it would require admitting they watch the show which would be even more detrimental to the ego.

“When people keep repeating that you’ll never fall in love, when everybody keeps retreating but you can’t seem to get enough “
– Pete Townsend

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