I am keeping busy. I have more projects than I have time for. I widdled down the 3 TV shows to 2 total. I have had the conundrum of trying to figure out what to do this year, as in should I do a more ambitious short before attempting another feature film? What about the dwindling income? I have found answers and some have found me.

Scott brought us an intern at the studio, an ambitious film geek named Alex. He’s been a godsend for us, as a lot has gotten down since his arrival. Funnily, his hard work makes me feel like doing more work, so I try harder and get more done, especially on my own works.

Alex took an interest in ACCIDENTAL ART, after seeing the recent re-cut. He had not seen it before and I pitched him on what the rest of the story is. Then that lead to him seeing the whole script. This took us down the road of him taking a crack at a draft.

I think by this weekend I’ll have the draft of this script I always wished it would be. It’s no offense to any of the great writers who took a pass at this, but it’s about very preferential things. I want this script to be something very specific and I’m only partially capable of writing that.

Now ACCIDENTAL ART is now online. Dig this,

Accidental Art from Peter John Ross on Vimeo.

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