So I’ve gotten hit with a really bad case of influenza for over a week. Not only did this derails all of my shooting and editing plans, it has also cost me a ton of paid work. I could not teach and most definitely could not edit or do graphics work. That’s the price of freelancing; no health insurance and no paid sick days. I lost a lot of money to a fever topping out at 103.1 and not being able to stay upright for more than 20-30 minutes at a shot. I’ve been complaining for months to get time off, but the mandatory being too sick to do anything week off was NOT what I had in mind.

The only thing even close to positive was getting a ton of TV series watched. HELLO LADIES from Stephen Merchant (co-creator and co-director of the UK The OFFICE), BOARDWALK EMPIRE, The NEWSROOM, MARVEL’s AGENTS OF SHIELD, and WALKING DEAD. All caught up and nothing new to see with any of those.

Watched maybe 1-2 movies. Finally saw ROOM 237, the documentary on Kubrick’s THE SHINING. Given all the hype, I was disappointed, even though there was a ton of interesting ideas in it. Even the completely nutso idea that the entire film was outing that Kubrick shot the faking of the moon landing. Even the quote that they aren’t saying that we didn’t go to the moon, just the footage was faked in a soundstage.

Rewatched the documentary COMEDIAN about Jerry Seinfeld and the overshadowed, but very funny Orney Adams. Having talked to Orney on, he hates the film, but in looking at it now, he doesn’t look as bad as he feels. He’s a really funny stand up and I hope he’s still rocking the scene.

I felt better today than I have in 9 days. I actually drove myself out and went outside for the first time since I got hit by this. I think the root of this was going to see the midnight screening of THE HOBBIT 2. It was sub zero temps that night and I went to school to teach, then out to eat, and finally to the theater before getting home around 4:00AM. Getting only a handful of hours sleep weakened my immune system and now I’m still weak as all get out.

“Black-roof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings. Silver horses run down moonbeams in your dark eyes.”
– Cream

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