Got a picture lock last night on the latest Cell Phone Monologue. This was somewhere between working for a client and working for myself. I didn’t write this or produce this, so I felt very much I was working FOR someone, not myself, but as always I will have my opinions. Luckily, we were all on the same page and very little was changed. I love when I feel like I ‘got it’ for what someone else intended. Tack on a little After Effects motion tracking for a seemingly innocuous effect – one that emotionally makes it worthwhile. Now it’s time for the sound mix, scoring, and then it will be done. I’m handing off that aspect to someone else, a professional in that arena. I am NOT a sound mixer. Working with new people always creates new and interesting ideas, ones you may not have considered.

I have 1 more Cell Phone Monologue to shoot, if I can find a location (Damn museums!). Once I have 4 of my own done, I will package them together and start a film festival run. I’ll probably expend about $500-$600 in entry fees, nothing too major. I just want to get it seen a bit before going online.

Now we’re scheduling the podcast “mini-movie” shoots. Ugh, even for something lightening quick, doing 7-10 of them in a day is a logistical nightmare. I’m getting help and right quick. Time to bring on production staff and propsmasters and a D.o.P.

CATS IN ROSSDONIA UPDATE! “V” as always, likes the ladies. Yesterday, two different women were in the condo at different points in time and he hammed it up and hit on them. Lorenzo, still terrified of all house guests, did come out for one of the pretty girls. It was miraculous. He’s so scared of anyone, but the more people I have over, he very slowly gets over being skittish.

I need to get some of this stuff done quickly. My body is letting me know that my time is not as limitless as it once seemed. Between a colon area problem and a growing issue with the heart (actual pulmonary not metaphorical one), your faithful narrator may not get to my entire “TO DO” list.

Regardless of any unforeseeable problems, life is utterly fantastic these days. Money is coming in and subsequently going right back out for furniture, housewares, utilities, tools, and projects. Work is being finished, projects getting knocked off the ol’ list. Weirdly, I am learning patience. I’m sitting on some completed bits, waiting for the right time to let them loose. The secret is not to be patient per se, but to have a plethora of alternate work to keep your mind away from what is done and not being seen yet. YET.

And I’m decorating the spare bedroom with custom made posters. I prefer to MAKE something than buy something someone else can get and claim it says something about MY personality. I also take a lot of pride in my movies and shoots so these collages of images remind me that I am doing something that makes me happy.


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