I ate an entire pizza yesterday. I haven’t done that in a really long time. I nearly drowned in Coca-Cola to wash it down. I felt so bad, I went for a 2 mile walk in 17 degree weather to punish myself. Guilt. Is this what healthy people feel when they pig out? I never had these emotions from eating before. Will hit the gym later to counter this even more, plus eat a salad for one meal. It wasn’t even like I was depressed… I was just hungry for a pizza. Next week I’m booked to do 3 different classes, which is nearly 40 hours teaching next week. Good lord, that’s a lot. Since some of them are doing production, it means I might be able to put my laptop through some paces and see what it can do with after effects. I’m going to create some animatics with the storyboards by Walter Nally. If any of the students are ahead of the game, I might be able to give a little advanced class with this material.

I am generally pretty happy right now. Whether it’s all alone, teaching, working, editing, playing with cats, or sleeping, I feel great. I’m forming a game plan for getting all my projects lined up and hammered out. Being motivated helps a lot. It means I chip away at the material a bit at a time. Sometimes if I get bored, instead of walking away, I just switch projects.

The pizza gorging indicates my penchant for bad habits when I get into my obsessive work mindset. I was able to get out and walk afterwards though. I’m not entirely stuck in the loop. Just like last night I went out and saw LOOPER on the big screen. Love Rian Johnson’s stuff. BRICK rocked my socks. Joseph Gordon Levitt did an impeccable Bruce Willis impersonation.

I plan to see DJANGO UNCHAINED, LINCOLN, and ARGO this weekend at some point, marathon style. For a filmmaker and movie lover, I don’t see that many movies. I need to.

Whether all by myself or going with someone, right now, I’m beyond content watching movies. The general state of being for me is positive.

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