Lordy do I feel better now. Still a little groggy and extra sleepy. Tomorrow will be a fun day to shoot. Greenscreen Uncle Pete and just discovering via improvisation what we get sounds like a fun day. Shooting with prime lenses and the Panasonic AF100 will yield really nice clean keys from the greenscreen. I may even try to go directly to the harddrive via HD-SDI if I have time to experiment with that and make it work before the talent arrives. 5 years ago doing Uncle Pete’s Playtime saved me from a fallow time when inspiration left me. Hopefully, history can repeat itself. Getting sick drained my inspiration too. I haven’t been able to edit my own stuff or write new material in a few weeks.

I have not slipped into depression. I’m not unhappy, just not inspired. There’s still a piece missing in my world. Not sure what it is. I have all the cats. I’m not wanting for money or food. Been watching a lot of movies and TV shows to keep me entertained. I’ve even been somewhat more social than usual since getting over being ill.

No, there’s something else missing. I feel like I’m missing a finger or a toe, like an appendage is supposed to be there but it isn’t.

Maybe I’m just so dissappointed in the latest Hobbit movie. Actually movies in general are disappointing me. I didn’t like the Hunger Games or Anchorman sequels either. We’re in a terrible phase of the movie business. Everything has to be a franchise or based on a video game, comic book, or novel just to get a chance.

It’s all regurgitated swill and it looks like we’re going to get nothing but the same for a while. This is what makes money and that’s what the business is about. Dramas based on original ideas have little to no chance to succeed in the movie theater.

“You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime you find you get what you need”
– Rolling Stones

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