FRAMELINES is being loaded on the PBS server so other stations can air the episodes. We’re discussing the wrap party plans tomorrow. 16 episodes done. That’s huge. We’ve got material for a few more episodes. I’m going to start plotting out the segments and finalizing episodes soon for that. I spent some of the insomnia time entering a bunch of credits on IMDB for FRAMELINES. It’s a long overdue process. I take for granted that IMDB means so much to other people at this point. Even my pseudonyms have lengthy IMDB credits so I don’t even think about it much.

The CELL PHONE MONOLOGUES are nearly complete for the festival run. Starting to setup some submissions. It’s part of why I can’t sleep. I have so much to get done and I can’t rest until I fulfill many promises made.

I did the final film seminar at the Library tonight. It was fun. I wound up really getting into the storyboarding aspect of pre-production.

Not even a little bit sleepy. So much stress, I cannot even process what’s going on. I guess I’m just so hurt that I can give someone so much of myself, only to have them not only not care, but to actively seek to hurt me. Some people simply cannot do the right thing no matter how many chances they get.

I can’t sleep. I’m too nervous. I’m trying to meditate, to hold deep contemplation about the meaning of life, and some people just want to test my limits. I thought that the absolute maximum was met, but I guess not. Trying to keep my cool, do the right thing, and maintain my moral center represents the ultimate challenge right now.

There is this concept called “psychological projecting“. Freud’s little theory has a great deal of validity. It’s especially prevalent in people who have paranoid delusions or trouble dealing with reality. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. I really don’t want to have to get ensconced in a fight. With all I’m dealing with right now, a petty squabble ain’t worth my time. Well, if keeping ones home is technically ‘petty’….

The mantra keep ringing in my ears. BE A BETTER MAN.

“Accepting all I’ve done and said, I want to stand and stare again, till there’s nothing left undone, it remains there – in your eyes, whatever comes and goes, I will hear your silent call.”
– Peter Gabriel

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