Still not a lot of editing done (for me, plenty for clients and then some). When you have 8-10 hours of content to edit, your schedule kinda goes out the window. I have been doing wacky schedules with morning classes, afternoons off to watch TV or movies, then editing during night time. I prefer this, especially squeezing enjoyment out of the last warm days of the year. What I have carved out time for is writing a new short script. Been considering a new format for collaboration on writing. I want to use the dry erase board method of “breaking a story.” In television, this method works well because of the structure of act breaks with the teaser and commercials naturally segmenting them.

For a short film, it might not work as well. For a feature film, breaking the story with 3×5 cards works well because of how easy it is to rearrange scenes or drop things entirely. You can see the entire thing literally laid out before you, to look for an overall arc and some degree of pacing, sans actual shooting.

I want to spend more time on the script and writing phase than I have in the past. It’s too important to create the foundation, to cement the core. With this piece, which has actually been percolating for 15 years, has just found a true spine, one that means a lot to me.

I started writing until the muse left me stranded. Until next time, sweetheart.

“Just a castaway, An island lost at sea
Another lonely day with no one here but me
More loneliness than any man could bear
Rescue me before I fall into despair”
– The Police

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