As if I’m not busy enough – We’re working on a national ad campaign where we only have 2 weeks to complete a WHOLE LOTTA work. And yet I am determined to make myself somewhat suicidal because I just agreed to teach a class because it’s their hardest project of the one year program and I’ve been with them for every video module in the curriculum thus far and didn’t want to miss this. And I’m going to do a shoot of 3 new greenscreen bits this week too.

 Once this gig is done, my plan is to ramp up production of several shoots. I have examples to shoot for FRAMELINES and the Movie Cliché webseries. All the big and little things that prevented these shoots have all withered away. I need to stay focused and get to my goals.

To be honest, life with all the ups and downs has been keeping me more up than down. I’ve always known the secret was making things. I let other people affect my attitude about myself. All I care about now is making things. I flippantly threw a statement in one of these blogs that got picked up on Twitter, when I said “If you’re not having fun making a movie, then you’re doing it wrong“. I love making movies and only one a few extremely rare occasions was it not fun.

Making Movies = Fun, Life + Fun > Life – Fun, so Making Movies = Fun (*2) Life

“A voice is speaking. He’s the prophet blinded by the light. A heart is breaking
I can hear it dropped when gone beyond my sight ”
– Milla Jovovich

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