A new outlet has occurred to me. As I embark on several new movie projects, both long and short, the harder ones to get seen are the short ones. Sure, there’s the YouTubes, but beyond that I don’t feel the ‘new’ way is the only way. Television ain’t dead yet, and far more importantly, no one has made it an either/or when it comes to traditional versus new media. Only an imbecile cuts off options before they succeed or fail. In the same vein, I don’t feel anyone has to create media one way or another. I’ve worked with large crews and tiny ones. I’ve worked as a one man band and as a tiny cog in a giant wheel. One way is not inherently better than the other. The only thing that matters is the end result. If you’re happy with the end result, who cares how it got that way?

Film is an artform, even diluted by the business interests and commercialization. As such, it mystifies me as to the competitiveness it causes. There is no point system or art-equivalent to scoring like there is in sports. It’s as if filmmakers view ‘success’ like it is in limited supply, as if someone else’s success will somehow take away from their own, like they are losing the imaginary game.

It seems rather ridiculous, but people do think very much in these terms. As a stupid man once said wisely, “Asteroids don’t concern me, admiral!” and I can think of few things that mean less to me than the dick measuring of filmmakers and competition in the field of arts.

So anyways, I’m going to make a play with the shorter Framelines clips and some of the new material, Cell Phone Monologues, etc. to get even MORE exposure in another outlet locally. I likes getting my movies seen.


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