As I gear up to do another feature film in the not so distant future, I’m making a tour of indie films that inspired me. Last night was Doug Liman’s SWINGERS, written and produced and starring Jon Favreau. Tonight will be BROTHERS McMULLEN from writer/director/star Edward Burns, even though I don’t think he’s a particularly nice guy anymore. Gonna watch some indie, low budget movies every day to analyze what I liked and don’t in each one. Spielberg watched SEVEN SAMURAI the day before every single shoot he’s ever done. I watch RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, so it all works out.

I was moved by the whole EL MARIACHI-RESERVOIR DOGS-SLACKER-CLERKS phase of indie film from the 1990’s. It was all these sub $100,000 movies (minus Dogs) that made it seem possible. It was like anyone with a sense of pop culture dialogue and a few feet of raw film could make an indie hit, then get a development deal with Harvey Weinstein.

It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now, but inspiration changes you inside. I want to be inspired again. Remembering what got me going 20 years ago might start a different creative fire today. The first flames lit already. Time to burn my soul and make the movie I was born to make.

Accidental Art is coming soon.

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