I listen to music constantly, in the car, when I work out, when I edit, when I read, when I do anything. It has been many a year since I listened to any of my own music though. I started as a musician, from the time I was 5 years old. I wanted to be a film composer. At some point I made a sound track for someone which lead to me making movies and I abandoned my musical inclinations. I have since long forgotten most if not everything I knew then. I decided since I was going to migrate my compositions and recordings to Soundcloud and Youtube, I wanted to clean up the analog multitrack cassette songs and I stumbled upon an “album” I recorded in 1997.

more info below¬†I did not remember almost all of this. I have some vague recollection of recording this in someone’s spare bedroom studio, in my first all digital recording. Mostly from synth and midi, no real guitar per se.

It definitely sounds like a soundtrack. I hope putting this out there in the world, especially in high quality audio might do someone some good.

And these songs are not necessarily great, just the compositions and the sound quality are way higher than my 4-track cassette recordings. I guess because I forgot these songs even existed, they sound newer to me.

Peter John Ross

A filmmaker, a dreamer, and the world's only Dan Akroyd Cosplayer


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