I’ve had a little (teeny) amount of time to reflect on my weekend. As soon as I was handed my award for the Indie Film Hall of Fame, I bolted like lightening. The truth is, I was on the verge of a breakdown and just wanted to be on the road alone. So much has been going right, and this was icing on the cake. I barely kept it together during my blissfully brief acceptance speech (it was timed and was the shortest of the 5 inductees). I don’t feel I deserve this. What have I really done that was so worthwhile? A few DV short films? A Nazi-Zombie-Werewolf feature film? A PBS show on filmmaking? Piffle I say. I am not being self deprecating, nor am I down on myself. I know exactly what I have done and what I have not. I am perpetually learning and have not achieved any of the significant goals I have set for myself as a filmmaker.

Therein lies the rub. I will never be done learning. I will never fully be content with myself as a filmmaker, and the art of filmmaking evolves in and of itself in spite of me. I meant what I said, which is this; It is a privilege to make movies. I have been nothing but lucky thus far to have worked with so many great people and when I call anything a “Sonnyboo Production“, that isn’t a moniker for me; it’s for the collective that worked together to achieve each and every moving picture.

Piece by piece, nail by nail, the new homestead is coming together. A lot of my world is still in boxes. The home theater is last on my list (if you can believe it) to get unpacked and setup. The home office is mostly setup. The bedroom is getting done. The living room is about halfway there. The Kitchen is completely done, except the rancid carpet… in the kitchen. I have a kitchen with carpet. Ugh.

Every single day something breaks or doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Whether it be a door handle, a deadbolt, a lightswitch, or major appliance and everything in between, owning a house means spending money or being frustrated almost as much as happy that you have your own place.

I’ve got a couple of side gigs going whilst I am also on a national ad campaign. I am insane. I also need to pay for the house and all the repairs and upgrades therein. No job is too small, no check is too big.

“Lying awake intent on tuning in on you
If I was young it didn’t stop you coming through”
– The Buggles

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