Stars line up, fate intervenes, and good things happen. I have a series of fortunate events that collide at the same time. For this I am grateful. It’s been awhile since things went my way. I’m making a little extra money, my first class graduates next week, I’m getting my first vacation in 5.5 years, and I’m gearing up to really make a movie. Plus, I’ve pretty much erased most of the bad memories from my home and the bad habits I had. It’s amazing to me how something as simple as painting a wall a different color can change how you feel. Psychology says that colors represent emotions in the brain, in a very simplistic way. It’s true. This is why ART DIRECTION is so greatly misunderstood and underappreciated in filmmaking.

I love teaching. Contrary to the opinions of the ignorant who don’t actually hear me teach, I am very open minded. When I describe “rules” I explain that these are nothing more than options, techniques that have effective responses with the viewers. I am incredibly clear about what is subjective and objective information. One of the greatest compliments I ever have had in my life came from a soon-to-be-graduated student who told me she got her money’s worth because I went off the book and explained the real world applications and cited examples that weighted the curriculum with my experience.

As I gear up for vacation, I will have to work double and sometimes triple time to get everything done. That’s okay. I like work. It keeps me busy, and sometimes pays the rent. I want nothing more than to just take this week off and just chill out. My brain sometimes works itself too hard, mostly because it is ill-prepared for basic thoughts, and I don’t take the time to enjoy some silence.

Lately, I have been trying to cut down on Internet. After reading (online mind you) an article on Internet Addiction I found I was pretty much 99% sure I qualified for that definition. Since then, I have dropped my usage, but not as much as I’d like. It’s the aimless time, surfing without purpose for hours that I want to avoid at all costs now. I want to fill my time with either productivity or at least more meaningful time wasting – like watching a movie or a GOOD TV series.

And there is progress in the realm of ACCIDENTAL ART as a feature film. That’s a good thing.

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