This was my first week in my new home. I barely slept a wink, and yet it feels great. Not the lack of sleep; merely the potential of my future. I have had so much go so right for me lately, it feels like only a matter of time before the bottom drops out. I won’t wallow in that thought as much as ride the wave for as long as the positivity lists. Last night was a harrowing experience for me since one of the kittens got stuck in the ductwork as Lorenzo the kitten reneacted a scene from DIE HARD, you know the part where John McClane is in the air vent and sarcastically quotes Holly Genero with “Come out to the coast, have a few laughs…“, and the little booger didn’t move for over 18 hours.

My paranoia about two things came to light. First, the potential for dehydration in a feline that can last 3 days without water before kidney failure becomes an issue. Secondly that because fate has blessed me with so much positivity lately that the time had come to pay the bill and if Lorenzo was going to be the cost, I would have gladly given up a lot for him. Luckily, my only cost is about $200-$300 in ceiling repair work for ripping it apart to get him out.

This weekend is the indie film convention where I will have a vendor table and also moderating a couple filmmaking panel discussions. Luckily I prepared for this trip before the move. DVDs and Blu Rays are all burned. Books are printed and ready to sell. Ugh, I forgot to get the video presentation ready. I can do that tonight.That’s just a simple file copy and numbering. Hmm.

I cannot believe who fortunate I am right now. Good friends, good conversations, and even better times.

“Think of me
You know that I’d be with you if I could
I’ll come around to see you once in a while
Or if I ever need a reason to smile
And spend the night if you think I should”
– Todd Rundgren

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