I wanted to mention something a little more uplifting than my last blog. My life is not completely devoid of anything positive, nor am I eyeballing headstones or writing overlong eulogies for my own funeral. Something keeps me going, and in some cases, it can be the simplest things. [img]http://www.sonnyboo.com/images1/blog/oct12/lorenzo.jpg[/img]

I love my cats. In the divorce, I got 2 out of the 3 cats. We actually had a dispute over the kitten LORENZO because we both wanted to keep him. The conflict was that “V” hates Lorenzo (well, really he hates anyone who isn’t me), and Lorenzo really preferred my ex, although he didn’t exactly dislike me. Lorenzo is a ball of love in that he never hisses and always purrs. I didn’t want to keep him out of spite, but I knew I would need this unconditional love that he emanates, plus he makes a nice surrogate for attention giving.

This turned out to have been the greatest gift I ever received. Lorenzo never stops being both frustrating and hilarious. He wants to play 24 hours a day and he never stops trying to get his big brother to love him too. “V” has not yielded his unending hatred of his little brother.


What warms my heart is coming home to my boys and making sure they are fed, happy, and I talk to them as a surrogate for having no one else there to talk to. Every single night, Vladimir Jack Bauer lays on my legs as I watch TV or a movie, then when I go to sleep, both of my boys lay near me or on me in the bed.

No matter how down I can get, even if there is nothing else in this life that I can derive the most miniscule amount of pleasure from – I will always cherish these little things.

Is it sad that I learned more about unconditional love from my pets than I did in a 10 and a half year relationship with a woman? That of course discounts how callous and unusual the woman was.

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