Finished the Sonnyboo Podcast on Director’s Cut versus Special Editions, then put it online. Already this got decent responses. These trivial informational pieces are nothing more than a stopgap for a creative outlet for myself. Still, I enjoy making them and there is an audience building for them. The key word there remains building, with a future tense. The factor to consider, which often gets left out of the equation, especially in this era of immediacy, is TIME. Creating new content, especially in a series of sorts like the Sonnyboo Podcast, and continually releasing it means if any one of them “hits”, or gets spread, there is always the effect that other works from the series get viewed. A percentage of viewers are binge watchers. If they find something they like, they immediately want more. Appetites are voracious online today for new content, new anything.

I call people of this ilk “neophytes“, or people who need constant newness. Old people call it short attention spans, which is why I try to never let a Sonnyboo Podcast go longer than 3 minutes, and the ones that are over 2 are rare.

Going back to the factor of TIME, whether it be from a tastemaker, someone like a George Takei reposting a video (which is not a factor for my material since it does not fit his style at all), but anyone who people post links and are liked – and that could be years from now, the series could suddenly get a resurgence of views. You never know. It might not happen, but I try not to worry about it.

If you want to be ‘discovered’ whatever that may mean to you, I still believe being in as many places as possible will increase the odds of that happening. Having a lot of material, especially if it is good, cannot hurt. Thankfully, the opinions as to what constitutes “good” is entirely subjective and my sole concern is what I deem good.

Making movies has always been an ever evolving and constantly unattainable goal to make something that represents what I consider great, by my own terms. I haven’t come close yet. In some ways I hope I never do. What would be the point of continuing?

“Day after day, alone on the hill, the man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still”
– The Beatles

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