With the few clips the students helped edit, I was able to finalize 3 full episodes of FRAMELINES last night. I had just a few minutes of airtime to fill and the last couple videos on MOVIE SET JOB DESCRIPTIONS plugged the holes just fine. There’s only 2 episodes left to put together and season 1 will be completed. Of course there are closed captions and other deliverables to consider, but those are minor considerations at this point. Relief and excitement; those are the emotions I feel at the end of an episode. Never ever have I triple banged them in 1 day before. Having an attack of gout never made me so productive before. Not being able to leave the house or walk anywhere meant I could indulge my most compulsive and obsessive tendencies to fulfill my editorial duties.

The help of the Interns made much more possible than doing it all myself. I detest not paying people for good work but we’re not exactly making any money on this gig. FRAMELINES is as non-profit as a project can get. All I can do is dole out some DVD’s, Blu Rays, and digital copies of movies, used no less. Better than nothing I always say, and more than they’d get at most unpaid internships. If work goes past 6 hours, I buy a meal too.

Getting some of these clips done also reignited my inner self marketer. Dutifully releasing 1 new clip online a week and using the old social media to promote it helps build some awareness and momentum.

I’m gearing up for something much bigger. FRAMELINES helps open the door for many people, if we can do with it what we intended. Having all the episodes completed, in HD and with CLOSED CAPTIONS will be a first step in a larger marketing campaign in general. Being the co-creator and executive producer of a TV show on PBS all over the state as well as on educable in all the regional states cannot hurt what I do next.

THIS is what I have been missing for the last few years. A sense of purpose, a clear direction, and the pure joy that comes from finishing film/video work. It’s a little odd seeing my ex in some of the clips for the show. My venom is gone. It’s replaced with a love for the work. I will not edit out her segments, as they can still help her achieve her goals and promote her as well. FRAMELINES represents goodwill for everyone.

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