I’m so busy I almost forgot my birthday this week. No plans other than working and teaching. The semi-annual Penny Poker Party bash will ensue soon enough, but that’s not really about me. I have a gift-ban every year for the party. Weirdly, the Poker Party isn’t about me. Plus, there are few things in this life I detest more than GREETING CARDS. Ugh, the most impersonal unappealing cheap skating ‘gift’ one human being can give is the greeting card. They kill trees, have some meaningless tripe or worse a completely unfunny joke, and the greeting card last about 2-3 days before you trash them. Nothing says “I think of you so little, I didn’t even make any kind of effort” like a greeting card. Anyone reading this, PLEASE DEAR GOD DO NOT EVER GIVE ME A GREETING CARD!!!!

I am now 41 years old. Eh, who cares? We mark the rotations of the Earth and our circles around the sun. I feel old some days and like a petulant child on others. I have grown up a lot in the last 6-7 months of my life, and yet I maintain a certain immaturity in other parts.

I think the last year of my life was more about seeing how much I DON’T know than what I do. Every decade, we believe special knowledge gets imparted to us, but no one knows anything. I can speak expertly on a few topics. I realize my mind remembers less and capable of comprehending more at the same time.

Gonna meet someone for lunch, work all day, teach at night, then have a meeting about a project. Blissfully busy. That makes me happy, except I have not seen ANY of the movies I intended to at the theater or even at home. I have season 1 of WALKING DEAD on Blu Ray sitting on my desk awaiting a viewing as I have not seen a frame of this show yet. Strangely it all seems so unimportant in the face of CREATING projects or ACTUAL HUMAN INTERACTION. Having people over to New Rossdonia keeps me in the Happy-state. I’ve been spending time with interesting, cool people.

Now all I need is sleep to keep me healthy.

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