Here’s what a Friday night shouldn’t be: Get home from work exhausted, feed the army of cats, have a swollen pinky from MRSA hurt so bad you can’t move your hand, try to sleep only to have gout in your big toe wake you out of your sleep in so much pain only to find you have no pain killers, can’t get down the stairs to get the medication, and also see you have blood all over your sheets from the aforementioned MRSA and you can’t walk to go wash them so you wind up sleeping on the floor with a single blanked from your closet only to have the also aforementioned cats wake you up every hour.

Welcome to my exciting new life. Today was spent mostly asleep, off and on. Every time I woke up, a different cat was on or near me. I found it disorienting. I refuse to bond deeply with the two kittens as they are only visiting and I have to find them homes that aren’t New Rossdonia. I named them THING 1 and THING 2.

I knew I was going to take 1 full day off from any kind of editing or film work. Didn’t know the choice would be involuntary based on health reasons. I can’t focus on a screen or anything for more than a few minutes. You know it’s bad when I can’t even remember any projects I wanted to work on.

Eat and more sleep soon. Ugh.

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