In the midst of a colossal work project, and still living in boxes at my new house. I don’t have time to breathe nonetheless finish a movie of my own right now. I have things I wish I could get to editing but alas twas not to be. At least not yet. After the big project, I will have plenty of time and no money left, so finishing my projects will be the only thing I CAN afford to do.¬†I am hoping that this fall when things allegedly always slow down, I will have the opportunity to finish the Movie Clich√©s on deck and also start ramping up almost a dozen new episodes of FRAMELINES.

Speaking of FRAMELINES, I believe I have landed us a new sponsor for the show. More details when the check comes in, but I feel very confident that this will work out.

We are preparing to do a fundraiser for this show too. Last time we did something for FRAMELINES, we screened a few segments with complete short films that we talked about. I want to do something different this time, but haven’t got a clue yet as to what I can do differently or what might get people interested. Working 7 days a week with 12-14 hour days aren’t helping the creative side of the brain…

The house is coming together, albeit slowly. Still no home theater. That is lowest on my priority scale. Every day you find something that needs work, and the credit card comes out and my bank account weeps. Even so, I am very happy here. This place reeks of of happiness and good times to come.

“Those girls that smile kindly then rip your life to pieces?
Can somebody tell me now am I alone with this?”
– Tori Amos/Damien Rice

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