Working on creating this online interactive editing tutorial. Prepping all the raw footage for export for the web. Decided to watermark the shots so they can’t be used as free stock footage. I’m still formulating the exact plan on how to implement this. I need to name the shots in specific way to go along with an EDL and also make it free form so that people can entirely edit this their own way. I intend to get a lot of editing for myself done this week. First up, an ode to my favorite pizza on the planet, Marie’s Pizza in Wadsworth Ohio. After that, going to get to some podcast material. FRAMELINES simultaneously chips away too. Want to get an entire episode finished before Thanksgiving.

I created a method for more efficient work-distraction at home. I use the WDTV and currently it was only connected to the same 55″ monitor that I use to edit. Now I have an A/B switch to connect it to the CRT TV. I can play whatever I want when I work. Watching TV shows or Behind the Scenes help me when I’m in that “Editing Trance”, that mental state where I can work for hours at a stretch.

Editing includes a lot of rendering, that time where the computer needs to process color or layering. If I’m watching something I’ve seen before I can focus in and out on it. Watching the news or something new or worse TV commercials, I either get too focused or get bored and that’s death to creativity.

“My stupid mouth has got me in trouble. I said too much again”
– John Mayer

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