Not only has your faithful narrator been busy, even more has happened in spite of his self. Several announcements to be made here. First and foremost, The Ohio Channel begins airing FRAMELINES on Monday, and 6 times a week no less. The Ohio Channel reaches every PBS station in the state of Ohio, over the air and on cable! The 2nd cousin to FRAMELINES, the cable show CLIP FRAMES, with short films and extra content from FRAMELINES started airing 7 times a week on Educable in Columbus for the last two weeks.

Oh, and I just got asked to be the keynote speaker at the Colony Theater Film Festival in October, where I will world premiere 2 new Sonnyboo short films! 

FRAMELINES might actually start getting seen in Columbus (as well as other big cities in Ohio). The show now has a fighting chance. Getting some primetime slots means more eyeballs. 8 Episodes completed with show 9 in the pipe; FRAMELINES will end its first season with a bang methinks.

CLIP FRAMES is not nearly as polished a show. It’s mostly material 5 years or even older, as in some 11 year old material is also included. Now that I’ve been teaching at an accredited college level for several months, I qualify to submit to Educable, and the material has a great deal of educational or student level content.

I still very much believe that at the moment, television is still the best way to reach an audience. The Internet has been very good to me, but TV and cable should not be underestimated. It’s still the single most dominant source of audio/visual programming. Yes, it is starting to lose to the World Wide Web, but it ain’t gone yet.

So a PBS show statewide and a cable show locally means I am providing over 7 hours of content on TV every week for a while! Granted, it’s really 1 hour of content repeated 6 more times, but still that just means more chances for people to catch it.

I got a great call from the festival organizers and I’m going to world premiere the Cell Phone Monologues I and II at this festival, out of competition. Audio post production is in high gear. Scoring and final tweaks aside, I should have no problem meeting the deadline.

I needed this barrage of good news. I am a lot less depressed but we just rescued a kitten, then after a week of 4 cats in the house, fell in love with the little guy, then gave him away tonight. I can sleep easy knowing he’s going to a loving home with someone I know and trust; he burrowed into my heart in such a short time. Our house is just a little emptier without him. Sleep well little booger.

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