With a New Year comes new resolve. I need to parlay my happiness into productive works. My plan to continue the list in front of me will come to fruition. Even if I have to will these into existence, I shall. I will not compromise on quality, as I would rather have nothing than something subpar. I’ve done that already. I want to excel and make better works than I have in the past. Why bother if all you are going to do is stagnate? I can think of fewer things that are a greater waste of life. The first thing is to complete the newly appointed task. I am editing someone else’s movie and that is a promise I intend to keep. Getting post holiday schedules to line up means this will not be hard to finish. I like the challenge of being either the monkey who presses buttons or when it is a true creative collaboration. Reality always lies somewhere in between when it isn’t your own project. That is the job and I love it.

After that, getting this short film off the ground is the next priority. Storyboards and production art stare me down and make me want to get these rocking. At the same time, the draft of the script just awaits the polishing touches. I will not shoot until I know the script is 100%. Anyone who has seen my first feature film will understand that the biggest scar is in the screenplay. Everytime I see the screenplay format, I am reminded that story comes first.

And the cost when you forget that.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I find it better to attempt to be resolute as often as possible, to always be bettering myself. Most of the time I fail, and sometimes I achieve the goals set. My life has been about being a better man for the last few years.

The struggle continues.

“She’s an old-time ambassador of sweet-talking, night-walking games
And she’s known in the darkest clubs for pushing ahead of the dames
If she says she can do it, then she can do it, she don’t make false claims
But she’s a queen and such are queens that your laughter is sucked in their brains.”
– David Bowie

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