In the middle of a time sensitive, high pressure deadline for paid editing work – what do I do to relax? Go to a movie? No. Watch TV? No. Have a few drinks with friends? No. I edit a video for FRAMELINES. That’s what I was yearning to do to relax from editing. It’s official, I have a problem. Obsessive-Compulsive indeed, at least it’s productive and helpful. What an odd time! Your faithful narrator has grown up some (boo!), and priorities shift and change. What is important to me, what I feel deserves my time and money evolved into the home, my health, and simple things.

Today I bought new shoes, a few pairs no less. With a newfound self respect comes a need to keep myself better all the way around. I’m going to start dressing better. Not to impress the chicks, but to represent that I am starting to like myself and what I am more. I’ve already got a bunch of new shirts and pants. Simply, I want to dress for how I feel and right now, that’s like a million dollars.

I’m not really interested in dating right now. My work and my cats keep me satisfied. one pays the rent, the other entertained. I have friends I see when I want to be around other people. Mostly, I work, I teach, and I go home and work for myself. I carve out some time for walking and movies as I can, the latter being the lowest priority.

I used to be a very social animal. I don’t know if I ever will totally recover to that again. I’m not at my best with other people. It’s probably best I learn to like being with myself alone before I start to hang around others. That part is getting better, but I still have a ways to go. Plus, my work(s) and teaching require me to spend an inordinate amount of time around humans a lot already.

I’m getting blasted with emails from VIMEO because one of the FRAMELINES videos is going viral. I can’t even trace where the hits are really coming from. I think it’s one of the groups on Vimeo, but it’s not 100% clear. I just know that every time someone “likes” the video and subscribes, my email gets a ping. This is NOT a complaint, as I love that people dig the videos as intended.


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