Went to the Colony Film Festival in Marietta Ohio. I love this festival, one of my all time favorites. I spoke there in 2011 as a guest speaker. If you have an hour or so and need to enter a coma, or feel somewhat suicidal, you can see a video of that here. Last night I went here with the lovely Elizabeth McPherson who co-wrote and starred in the Cell Phone MonologuesWe got there just in time, I did a brief intro, then they screened the multi-edit of 3 monologues I did for festivals, then came the Q&A session. I took a few questions, answered quickly, and got away from the microphone. I was absolutely [b]NOT[/b] prepared for what came next.

The next short film played. A clever little piece about guys inspired by Cameron Crowe. And although I completely disagreed with the posit that his first feature film THE WILD LIFE sucked, I liked the movie. I was terrified because one of the upcoming Movie Clichés has a nearly identical premise, so I wanted to talk to these folks ASAP to let them know I wasn’t ripping them off.

They started their Q&A and out of no where, I hear my name being mentioned. The writer of the piece said he had been following me, took the basic idea of the Cell Phone Monologues and adapted it to this instead. He said I was responsible for their piece being made. He also ([i]semi?[/i]) jokingly said he had been stalking me on Facebook for years.

I rode down the elevator with them after and had a lovely chat in the VIP room. Met several other great filmmakers whose films I will not be able to attend later this weekend due to the national spots. Apparently, the speaking engagement in 2011 was way more effective than I thought since several people remembered and spoke to me about it.

I am overwhelmed by the experience of knowing something I did inspired someone else to make a movie. To be honest, I sit here in Columbus Ohio and just do and say things. I put things online. I have little to no feedback, aside from the backstabby types who talk about how much I suck to everyone but me. Seeing this opposite humbles me. Instead of inflating my ego, all I can do is think about how I am still learning and trying to get better, how I am forever trying to improve what I am doing. I don’t deserve nor do I feel I have earned in any way this kind of praise.

It was totally worth it to carve out the entire afternoon and night to going to the Colony Festival. This means a long weekend at the office to make up the time, but I had a blast with my friends, met some great new people, and had a new experience. I find it so odd to be looked up to by some, torn down by others – usually people I know.

I just have to live with the dichotomy.

[i]”Heart with a gaping hole. Dark twisted fantasy turned to reality. Kissing death and losing my breath. Midnight hours cobble street passages. Forgotten savages”
– MS MR[/i]

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