I have entered Accidental Art into this competition online from Openfilm.com called “Get It Made”. Basically, after the one month voting period, they select the top ten films based on votes and the editors picks and then an “advisory board”, which includes Robert Duvall, James Caan, Mark Rydell, and Scott Caan, select the grand prize winner. The grand prize includes a $500,000 financing “package”, that I can assume is part cash and part in kind services and equipment rental donations from sponsors. I put Accidental Art into the fray to see what happens.
  I’m a big believer in math. Simple math cannot be refuted. There are a little over 100 entries in this contest. Already, a 1 in 100 chance is better than most film festivals or contests, but take into account that several of the entries are not going to be on the same level of cinematography or story, and the odds get better. Also factoring in that the subtle rule of the contest states that the short film itself has to be expandable into a feature film, and Accidental Art fits in like a glove, whereas many of the best entries are not really adaptable into features.

I am hopeful, but there are always X-factors. In virtually ALL internet based contests there is a degree of cheating or at the least highly unethical means of trying to win. I abhor these acts and will not lower myself to do things like vote down all the movies with 1 star whilst giving my own 5 stars. It’s already happened with this contest where I noticed that my film suddenly dropped in status and with all my marketing, I have only just recovered with over 50 people I personally know genuinely going out there and voting my movie up.

There are of course the enemies. People who have had issues with me in the past who are more than happy to go out and vote my movie down, not because of any artistic merit, but simply out of pettiness and jealousy. Again, it’s all in the math. The good votes will outweigh the bad, and I have to accept the causality; I made mistakes and have to pay for them.

Part of my marketing strategy entails adding the links to all my Sonnyboo.com downloads pages (check), posting on film related websites (check), and emailing family and friends (check). I have to find some other ways to promote at the end of the month as the competition wraps up, but I’m also in heavy post production on the TV series FRAMELINES for PBS as well as day job work. Time is not my friend.

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