I had no idea just how subjective reality can be. How 2-3 people can see the same exact same thing and remember it entirely different. It reminds me of the great Akira Kurasawa’s movie RASHOMON. That movie spawned a great deal of knock offs and still does. It’s the same story from 4 points of view and more gets revealed every time. The influence of Kurasawa over cinema history can never be underestimated. Another trip to Ye Olde Hospital tonight. At least this one will be blissfully brief. I’m starting to relate to how a pincushion feels. Ever since an incident when I was 16 years old, I’ve had a major phobia of needles. Let’s just say that the last year presented a lot of unintentional psychological therapy for that fear.

I am going to force myself back into some projects. There’s a lot to do. I have much I want to accomplish. What happened inside of 1 week? Why was this so important last week and now it all seems so futile? I just need to finish a few things and get my head back in the game. I know somewhere inside my skull, I love what I do. It’s what defines me, making movies.

After the 48 Hour Film Project screening last night, I ducked out of all the social stuff and saw THE WOLVERINE. I loved it. In 1982, I remember reading the Wolverine limited series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, which is the basis of this movie. There was something that connects psychologically in my brain to being a 10 year old, but seeing it through the prism of adulthood on the screen. That is why I believe the current wave of Comic Book adaptations work so well. They bring with them such a depth of history, memory, and sentimentality that they have a distinct advantage over original, new film stories. They are also being adapted by people my age or so that re-interpret them for modern audiences and bring how they remember the stories as opposed to how they actually were.


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