One can never ignore this date in America ever again. Six years ago today I was in Manhattan on that fateful day. I remember my father telling me that it will be a day I will never forget and it has never diminished for me. Alas, but we can do no more but I fail to see the connection to the War in Iraq and the current state of chaos that has become our nation. I wish our president would stop trying to cash in on the same tragedy. [url=][img][/img][/url]

I left work early today. That’s a first in a long while. I have tomorrow off of post production work too. I have not had a day off in 15 weeks. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t watch movies that much anymore and that’s not by choice. I have not worked on too much that didn’t take less than an hour in longer than the 15 weeks of employment. Maybe I’ll go to a matinee and see Jet Li kick some ass. That’s always something I would enjoy. Anything but editing because if I stare at any editing software right now, my eyes will bleed.

On to new business. [url=]HORRORS OF WAR[/url] finally and officially on DVD. How about that? November 6th, 2007 will be the day that I can finally enjoy a bit more of the fruitions of our labor. I am jazzed because we have confirmation that our COMMENTARY track is being used and at least some form of the documentary which will be nice to see on an official DVD somewhere.

[url=]HORRORS OF WAR[/url] is available for pre-sale at, the screenplay and the book at AMAZON.COM too. How’s that for making our first dent into popular culture? I have never had anything for sale on before, so it feels googily.


[url=]HORRORS OF WAR[/url] has come on DVD from Netherlands. The collection is growing. I got my discs, but they switched from the red cover art to the Hitler Blue cover art. With the recent acquisition of the German DVD and the Japanese DVD I had from last year, I have an ever expanding collection of my own movie on DVD. I swear to you, my droogies, that the day that something like getting a foreign version of my own movie starts to be a bore that will be the day I stop making movies. Right now, I get giddy like a school girl every time something, anything happens with the movie.

One last [url=]HORRORS OF WAR[/url] announcement. If you are ever told by someone that they were somehow involved with the project or more specifically that the project originated with them, and yet their name ain’t in the credits – guess what? THEY ARE LYING. I originated [url=]HORRORS OF WAR[/url]. No one else did. This was my baby and it evolved into something several people contributed to, but it started with me. There’s a difference between being offered a chance to read the script and be involved and claiming (falsely) that the project “originated” with you. [url=]HORRORS OF WAR[/url] was made in spite of all the blowhards who talk about making movies and never do. Sorry folks, but the truth is that anyone that was remotely involved in the making of the movie is in the credits all of which are on IMDB by now.


I have added two new Sonnyboo hats to my cap collection. Since I am going bald, hats seem like a nice alternative. I like the simple promotion. At the “B” Movie Festival and the Indie Gathering, I got recognized more from my moniker than my actual name. I guess that means the promotions work and work well.


The latest award came in the mail today. BEST MAKE UP FX from the Fright Night Film Festival. That makes 5 awards total for [url=]HORRORS OF WAR[/url] and I don’t really keep track of the overall Sonnyboo record. I am an award winning filmmaker. I guess that’s why I keep winning awards. I fooled them! I fooled them all! Now, if only I can trick Sundance or Toronto into giving me one too. My evil plans are coming to fruition and all I did was making movies and submit them and magical faeries (U.S. Postal Carriers) brought me award certificates.


I did a short little shoot this past Saturday, but things did not go as planned. There were some upsides, but overall I cannot finish this project for a while. An actor was a no show and this has whacked everything out of line. Not being able to finish will drive my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) batty, but what else can I do? I have become more of a perfectionist than I ever was before. When I did music, I was all about the emotion of the take and mistakes and all, it stayed. These days, I’m tinkering for years and nothing ever feels finished. The oft-attacked George Lucas says that films are never finished, they are abandoned and I am inclined to agree with him. I revisit and tinker a lot. The other day a short film website asked for my old film MINIVAN specifically and I could not resist removing what I now consider to be awkward pauses and 2-3 lines of dialogue.

That’s all I can muster. I think I’ll put in a little DVD and subject myself to voluntary suspension of disbelief at the hands of one of my idols. Who shall it be? Joss Whedon? Ridley Scott? Peter Wier? Neil Labute? Ah, now I have to make hard decisions.

Peace my acolytes of Boo. Even if your skin is brown and you worship Allah.
– Ross

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