Damn. This newest Tech Tip (originally a Sonnyboo Podcast) took substantially longer to finish than I thought. I had to re-shoot inserts, re-record voice overs a 3rd time. My desire to make better works means sometimes scrapping what you’ve got. I don’t believe in ‘Good Enough’, not anymore. SEE BELOW Hoping to record some more greenscreen materials ASAP. Going to attempt to do these in 4K with the new camera, just to see if it really does key easier. In theory, it should. I’m also going to try to class up what I am doing with a little more formality of dress. Ugh. It’s not me, but I’ll try almost anything once.

My head spins with ideas at the moment. I have so much to do and about to have the time to achieve some of it. My plan remains getting to as much as I can in the near future, as much as I might want to sit in my library and read for hours at a time. And that is very appealing.

The rearrange of my home edit suite had an incredible effect on my mental attitude on cutting things at home. The room has a lot more of a “Hey! I’m working here!” feel. Soon I will have to do the reformat, reinstall – then upgrade my software to match the new hardware.

“How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget”
– The Eagles

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