Another Closed Captioning Crisis resolved. It didn’t take that long, but it was a headache and a half. The solution was to use a standard DV timeline, turning off the Mercury Playback Engine of the NVIDIA card and to roll back the IEEE1394 driver to a pre-64bit legacy driver. It exponentially increased render times from HD to SD, but it worked. The captions via Firewire seem to be incredibly accurate and sharp. FRAMELINES is saved by the dilligent efforts of the Sonnyboo Intern Army and a google search. Spent a little time in the Urgent Care last night, blowing some of the newfound money I made. MRSA went nuclear again. I was bleeding and hurting so much on my back again that I needed to get it taken care of. My exciting Friday night included getting sliced on, pinched, bleeding, and bandaged.

Life of a bachelor indeed.

I’m hoping the 30 days off Facebook will hammer down a bunch of books I have to read and movies I own that lay unwatched. Some say I already spend too much time with my cats, although they would disagree. Vehemently, I might add.

I’m a bit manic right now. My moods swing from good to bad inside of a few seconds. My body deteriorating effects the way my emotions sway. It’s a reminder of times past, and what the future might hold (or might NOT hold). I cling to this hope, this silly hope, like a mirage in front of me just out of reach.

I have so much to do. Time fights me at every turn, as does my failing body. Is it my fate to linger in a twilight unable to complete the tasks I set before myself? The obsessive-compulsive disorder developed carefully over the last 20 years or so makes that idea excruciating to contemplate.

Removing the distraction that is the Book of Face is a start. It’s also penance. I never ever want to paint myself as the hero of my own story without acknowledging the mistakes I make along the way.

At the last minute, I have some new short films to put out into the world on Facebook before the day is out. I have no idea why this gesture occurred to me or why it’s so important. It seems to frivolous. It’s that voice again. Guiding me even though I think it’s a stupid idea. It will have no tangible effect. I’m beating at a wall equal to my own, if not greater.

Not the first hopeless cause I’ve gotten behind, but certainly not the least noble.

“A man who has been through bitter experiences and travelled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time.”
– Homer, The Odyssey


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