A surprise, unexpected 13 hour teaching day derailed a lot of my plans for yesterday. Even so, I made 4 film festival submissions for several short films, as far as Japan. Shipping DVD’s and uploading festival edits to Vimeo with passwords for the rest (saves $$$ this way, cool new trend for fests). Been too long since I’ve done this kind of thing. I used to do it all the time, and Sonnyboo movies played somewhere in the world every month. I don’t know when that stopped being a motivator for me. Doesn’t matter now because it’s important to me again. Got 2-3 edit for clients to wrap up today, get uploaded and sent on their way. Then I need the weekend for a massive cleaning and remodeling project. And sleep. Lots of sleep and watching TV. Play with cats too.

Temporarily taken in 2 stray 6 week old kittens that I’m finding homes for. This will make for a really interesting dynamic for the Boys of Rossdonia. I shan’t keep either of these little ones. I’m already two exits past crazy cat man status and 2 is my limit. I think I’ve already got a place for one of them, so by Monday or Tuesday, I won’t get too attached.

Still haven’t touched my Director’s Reel update, the Marie’s Pizza blog, or the last Moviemaking Technique edits. No time. Working two real (reel?) jobs and getting ready for some big financial commitments keeps me fried like Colonel Sanders breaded chicken breasts.

“When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me.”
― Led Zeppelin

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