Oh children! What do you do when someone doesn’t like your movie? Bad reviews are inevitable! Take anyone’s top 10 best films of all time and there are thousands of people who think those movies suck. Of course it feels differently when it’s your own movie being torn to shreds, but show a little class! Lacking that, try showing some maturity in its stead.┬áSomeone brought to my attention, a few posts of a guy suffering from “[b]First Time Feature Filmmaker Syndrome[/b]”, which is a common dysfunction for egomaniacal people who think their first movie is bullet proof. Recently, this poor fellow received his first bad review, or at least his first admittedly bad review on a well known film site.

How do you deal with this? Name calling? Challenging someone’s subjective opinion as being wrong? YIKES! None of those are good ideas. Be grateful they watched your movie at all and say “Thank You”. It’s not personal. They have, imagine this now… their own opinions and those may not be the same as yours! SHOCKING!!!

Only hobbyists and amateurs react this poorly to criticism.

As fate would have it, I was editing part 2 of the CRITICISM ROUNDTABLE for FRAMELINES, which was shot many months ago. How eerily apt this is:

Part 2 is coming online soon, as well as an additional, bonus collection of outtakes that will appear on CLIP FRAMES and online!

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