FINALLY! Some time off that I can afford to take. I’ve got one edit from a client that is probably 75% done, but I can work on it from home to finish the 2 alternate variations. As it is, I am attacking some of the other work in front of me in the queue. Two more very short FRAMELINES Short Takes are next up. I’m exporting the greenscreen footage already keyed as I type. After that, a few other things kick in. Getting a full week off from teaching next week, which will afford me time to get to my long delayed edits as well. Maybe I can start doing more writing. I’ve got a screenplay percolating for shooting this winter, the completely ignored book I’m writing, and some new articles.

I’m now fully ensconced with Adobe CS6 now. Changing my workflows to utilized the efficiency that is afforded to me. So far, the new edit system and software with graphics card really are vastly more speedy.

Compared to where I was a few years ago, I must say I feel fantastic these days. I keep repeating that, but it’s so true. I’ve really been able to turn my life around, not the least of which is getting a nice house in a good neighborhood. I never go hungry, as in there is always food a plenty here in Rossland. I am cooking ribs right now as I edit.

The best thing though is that I will soon to be reading a book while wrapped in a blanket in my very own library. It was a secret goal of mine my entire life to have a library and now I have one.

I love life right now. This is a golden time for me and I hope to see it continue into the new year.

“I’ll be the first to say that I’m blind to the world
Cause I’m two days gone and I just can’t see”
– Van Halen

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