Several months ago we did a roundtable for FRAMELINES where I talked to several composers for film and video games. Afterwards, the boys berated my $29 speakers and asked me how it was I was able to hear anything on such tinker toys of sound. This seed grew over time and I really did want to address this, especially at work. Tonight, my boss gave me a pretty decent set of speakers in more of the $200 range and whoa nelly what a difference! I dug these so much that I immediately went out and found a cheap store return of the identical speakers at Microcenter and promptly brought them home and installed them. Now I have a really nice DTS 5.1 surround receiver but the stereo LR doesn’t really work so good since it either creates a fake surround (dolby 2.0) or it simply doesn’t have the same balls with just stereo.

So with these new speakers just for the computer, I am cooking with some serious sauce. Tori Amos, Led Zeppelin, Howard Shore, and Queen never sounded quite as good as this to my old ears.

The great George Lucas always said that sound is 50% of the experience of any movie. He’s so right. Too many people take for granted the entire soundscape of a film. Not just music, but sound design, nat sound, and even how dialogue is heard and mixed can have a profound effect on the viewer. Hearing with a degree more clarity on 2 of my main edit systems will make me more critical of my sound editing.

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