Definitely re-shooting this Movie Cliche podcast again. No, not just because I looked enormously fat last year, but because I have no close ups. Although, I ain’t gonna lie; the Fat Ross is almost a good enough reason to re-shoot. No, I established a style of editing I like with wide shots cutting to close ups on greenscreen and I want consistency. That and we’re now using a much better camera with the Panasonic AF100, and our new and improved greenscreen too. It’s so much easier to key off the painted wall than the crappy construction paper we had a year ago. I’m going to re-write my script a little too. Just a slight modification to make my concept more coherent and also to match the CGI animation I’m working with. I think I’m better on camera now (again, not just because of Fat Ross).

I always tell my students that it’s better to re-shoot than to try to salvage something in the edit. I need to live up to that myself. I’d much rather do the shoot again and get it right.

I will say this about that comparison picture of Fat Ross and New Ross (still not skinny, just not as fat), it has motivated me to go to the gym more. I like the weight loss and want to keep it off. I pushed myself pretty hard at the gym last night just thinking of the picture. Yikes, when I think of how far gone I let myself go, it scares me.

Still haven’t scheduled these shoots from last year. It’s tough when life keeps screwing with you on so many levels. Now I’m about to embark on a 3 week marathon editing job for a national ad campaign. Little to no shoots will occur during THAT time, I assure you. Sleep barely occurs during this semi-annual event.

I won’t let go though. I will get done everything I have setup to do. Life is better when I have work finished. I love life when I make movies of any kind.

“And now I’m walking in a park, all of the birds they dance below me. Maybe when things turn green again it will be good to say you know me”
– John Mayer

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