I am hammering these bitches out. Instead of going to the movies or watching a Blu Ray marathon, I edit these little clips together, obsessing over minutiae as I go. At the end of each completed edit, I dance a little jig. I kick it old school, Parliament/Funkadelic or 1970’s Prince. My cats stare at me ([i]or Lorenzo hides in fear of the body movements that are more akin to a seizure[/i]). I must adhere to my creative process such as it is. The downsides to these productive times are that I do not eat for hours at a time. I lost track of all sense of time. Current movies go unwatched. Personal hygiene becomes suspect. All sacrifices to the ‘art’.

Worth noting is that I take about 3-4 hours to tinker a 90 second web video. Now, I am using After Effects and working with greenscreen footage from 2 angles and perspective, plus with the current video (see below) I put some extra special care into graphics and animation, alas my OCD prevents me from letting it go half mast.

As I am well known for beating the dead horse, more like mutilating the thoroughbred into 178 pieces and individually abusing them (metaphorically speaking, as I like my equestrian friends), I do want to state again I am absolutely jubilant these days. Film work fills my soul like a cup of wine. I’m starting to hate myself a little less, but loving what I do a whole lot.

Working with different people on several project simultaneously keeps my head swimming in the ocean of creativity. Who has time to lament the past or stew in the juices of anger when there are movies to be made? Not I said the piggy.

Looks like the teaching schedule is going to slow down. That’s more than okay. I need more time to get these projects lined up and knocked out, especially while the mood strikes. Plus the cats are none too pleased with your narrator when he does some 13 hour work days away from New Rossdonia.

Got a fun shoot this coming Thursday, and more shoots to follow every week.


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