Already planning an escape. Later this fall, I need to get away. Not sure exactly what I’m gonna do, but I know that I must get rest, take time away from everything, and just chill out. Got a few pieces of bad news yesterday, so just when I think things can’t get much worse, there is always a way. I swear God is a woman and I had to have dated her in high school. At least I’ve been able to watch movies at night. I’m tearing through the stack of movies one at a time. I read every single GAME OF THRONES books, all of my ART OF MARVEL series of books (which is cheating because they are mostly picture books), and now I’m on to the Lincoln Lawyer series of novels.

I wish I could stop bleeding. My back is still pushing out a lot of red and it’s getting expensive to do laundry every single day and having to buy new undershirts, keeping spares in my trunk or bag. Bandages don’t last an hour before they fall off, soaked in blood.

The only good news was hearing that the deadline for the big job is extended by 2 weeks. I wish someone had told me that 2 weeks ago. I’ve been working like a madman, crazy insane hours, and basically causing my own stress for no apparent reason.

Thank god I got this new stove. I’ve been cooking a lot more. I love making food. I don’t know if there’s any cost savings to cook for a single person. The tough thing to learn in portion control. I paid for the food, so I feel obligated to eat it, even when I’m full. I’m learning to throw some food away.

I’ve started drinking alone. I don’t know if that’s a good sign, but it sure did hurt a lot less than I thought it would.

“No one dared, No one cared. To tell me where the pretty girls are, Those demigods, With their nine-inch nails”
― Tori Amos

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