Taught a brand new class, plus it was my first day back after nearly a month off from the school. I exorcised some demons, as I made fun of myself more often than not. Strangely that felt good. Teaching makes me feel great. Sharing a passion I have for the subject matter reinvigorates me. I do everything I can to inspire people. I succeed more than I fail in that regard when it comes to film/video. A few people have reached out to me during this vacation from Facebook. That’s nice to know I’m not totally forgotten. Although a little weird, some are telling me about drama surrounding me and my sabbatical on Facebook because apparently someone is making a drama out of my not wanting to be a part of the drama. That’s irony, folks.

I just want to make movies, make them better, and then show the work. I really want to stay away from all the drama. If I have a problem with someone, I go to them, talk about it and try to resolve the issue. Agree to disagree if that is the best you can get. I have no clue why this is so difficult for so many people.

I crave peace and to not be involved in the torrents of needless animosity. I was quit before I come here, Bryant. I’m twice as quit now. I’m trying, really trying to be the shepherd, Ringo.

“Of all the love I have won or have lost there is one love I should never have crossed, she was a girl in a million, my friend”
― John Lennon

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