Wrapping up this giant client project is taking forever. I thought it would be done before now, so I took on two classes this week to teach. Good lord, combine that with MRSA kicking my ass, and your faithful narrator feels much like the poo of a sick goat with an intestinal infection. I can’t sleep, can’t concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time, and I’m bleeding all over the place like I’m menstruating. Ain’t life grand sometimes? I’ve got my boys taking care of me. Whenever I nap, I’ll wake up and either one or both of the cats will be asleep next to me, alert to my needs. Life will never be so bad with these guys looking out for their big poppa. The sound of purring represents the purest of joys, one that cannot be faked.

With classes mean I’ve completely lost my movie watching habit. Night classes combined with day work = no time for fun Doctor Jones, but without the completely racist Asian stereotypes.

I went for a long walk after class. It nearly killed me. Going with so little sleep, infections all over my body, and generally being tired, it felt like I was ready to collapse. Still, I needed it. I love walking so much now.

Gonna sneak in two shoots, one for a video blog, the other for Framelines. These are simple lighting setups and talking head bits, although I want to add some simple camera movement and experiment with minimal lighting ala Band of Brothers intros with the real guys.

This means a shave, a nice set of clothes, and preparation. It’s also going to be another acting challenge as I pretend not to be in excruciating pain. Hello Vicodin! Come here often?

“When I was your lover, no one else would do, if I’m forced to find another, I hope she looks like you, Yeah and I hope she’s nicer too”
― John Mayer

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