Breaking my rule of no buying of Blu Rays with IRON MAN 3 today. Love the movie, have all the Marvel movies, so this is a no brainer, plus I know I’m going to watch it more than once. I won’t even buy any bargain blu rays anymore. Not until the stack gets finished. It’s tough to watch movies when I teach night classes 3 nights a week. There’s no free time.
 Missed a screening of my own movies at a local film festival last night. It drives me crazy to not be at a live event when something I directed plays. It’s so rare and precious a thing to sit in a dark room with a bunch of strangers and feel how they react to your movies. Different audience react so uniquely.

I’ve worked so hard to remove myself from any prejudice against me personally, if for no other reason (at least the only one left that matters) to keep these events untainted. A chance to have a movie judged solely based on the content without having my own personality to play a role, that is what it’s all about. That and putting your left foot in, taking it out, putting it in, then shaking it all about.

Alas, teaching fulfills me in other ways. Did a double class today. Having that always drains me by the end of the night. Getting home so late, feeling so tired, and after a rough weekend, I was ready to pass out upon entering. And two hungry cats awaited my return with eagerness. Unlike their human counterparts, feeding them ignites their energy as opposed to the “food coma” we get.

Gotta get some more work done. Paid editing work then teaching, rinse and repeat and this is my life for a while. My mood has found a level of neutrality at the moment. Neither happy or mad, neither content or sad. My ever evolving health state does little to assuage this slump.

“I’m tired of hiding my feelings, you left me lonely too long. I gave my heart, and you tore it apart, you done me wrong “
― Whitesnake

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