Because I obsess over things like webstats, I stumble upon links to what I do in the strangest of places. I’m always blown away when I see the instructional videos being used at actual educational institutions. Last night I found the 180 Degree Rule being used in the curriculum by the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. Mostly these get linked by community colleges and high school media programs, which is what I aimed for. I was once even referenced in the blog of the editing professor at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA which is a huge deal for me. Especially since I only get paid tiddly winks to teach right now. Last night was also a restless night. Usually when I come home from teaching a class, both cats await me in the window. When I get in, it means it’s feeding time and the boys are in a frenzy. Last night, only “V” was awaiting me. I got out the food and nary a sight of Lorenzo.

I looked in his usual spots, and nada. No sign. After waiting about 30 minutes patiently, no sign or sound of Lorenzo. This is unusual. He hides like this after strangers are in the condo, but never for me. Not ever. So I started tearing the house apart looking for him. I questioned my own memory, I saw him at 5:30PM and said good bye to him, no where near the door. All the window screens were still in and the door was locked. He HAD to be in the house.

Not a sign, not a peep, not for hours. Finally, for the 3rd time I attempted to coax him out by offering the beloved Tuna from a can. This time, I heard him cry. He was in the basement, but where? I called for him and he finally cried until I found him. He had gotten tangled in a plastic grocery bag, stuck around his torso, and he was in the bottom of a mop bucket in the back of the basement. I got him out, pulled the bag over his head and he ran upstairs – to eat the tuna.

If anything had happened to that booger, I’d have freaked the hell out. I freaked out enough just looking for him for 3+ hours. Maybe this was God’s way of punishing me for going to the gym, lifting weights and swimming. Maybe.

Pretty soon, I’m going to put all of my focus on going back to school. I want to teach full time. Think that will be my lot in life. That and taking care of my boys.

“I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink I wonder, should I get up and fix myself a drink?”
― The Beatles

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