Gonna get a couple shoots in today. I’m remaking some old videos from the HORRORS OF WAR educational vids. Those were done in standard definition, plus used the movie for examples of concepts. I want to custom shoot scenarios to make the examples more original and unique. Several of my interns will be beaten by a girl too, so that’s never a bad thing. Torturing interns remains my favorite past time. I’ve been wanting to keep getting back in the saddle. Even though this is last minute and kinda thrown together, I will not compromise on the quality too much. I need things to stay in the GOOD category not “Good Enough“. These are both short clips, just examples. The intros and commentary have been shot and edited for weeks.

Went to the gym two days in a row. Swimming, boxing, and weights; all new to my body and I’m paying for it. Switching to more bottled water to replace soda pop. Cutting down on portions when I eat, resorting to throwing away whole slices of pizza, which I think was a crime in New Rossdonia, so I’ll have to pass new laws on that.

Since I had no class last night, I watched a movie. It didn’t hurt that my body was sore and I was unable to move more than a few millimeters, but it was the eye candy spectacle that is IRON MAN 3. The new Marvel One Shot called AGENT CARTER was by far the best short film they have made for the series. It was a stand alone story, it was well done, and the female power message rocked. It may even serve as a backdoor pilot to a 2nd Marvel TV series.

Speaking of which, saw Joss Whedon’s pilot episode for AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and liked it. Didn’t love it, but it was still way better than DOLLHOUSE. I hate the fact that Joss and his brother/sister-in-law producing team are making such bold proclamations that none of the big name heroes from the films will ever appear on the show. Why not? It’s idiotic to set a show in the same universe but never share that space. And from a marketing standpoint, cross promotions with the upcoming features does nothing but solidify ratings and eyeballs for BOTH the films and the show.

Got class tonight, then a busy weekend editing and STILL wrapping up the big client project on the national ad campaign. Ugh. I need rest and a break for my brain. I’ll probably take time off from the paid work to edit this new material and finalize some new educational videos. My vacation from editing and effects tends to be editing and effects of something else.

No wonder I never feel rested.

Got a lot of good news this week. Several things are looking up. Time to swing this bitch called life around.

“This has got to die. This has got to stop. This has got to lie down. Someone else on top. I take it I’m your crutch. The pillow in your pillow case. It’s easier to touch”
― Damien Rice

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