Yesterday’s shoot was fun. Interns got the crap kicked out of them by a girl, I shot a lot of footage, got everything I needed to finish 2 new FRAMELINES clips, and I uploaded a ton of commercials. Then I taught a class. in between, got some of my finances in order and the future of NEW ROSSDONIA was secured. All in all, not a bad day. We got creative with the lighting. I ran one of the two cameras. I am not much of a camera operator. I don’t have the eye for framing beyond a few shots. After that, I need to work with someone else to get the compositions and better ideas. Luckily, this was only for a handful of shots.

These clips are remakes of the HORRORS OF WAR editing videos. The original intent was to make something educational that also promoted the film. It was all done at the now low resolution 720×480 resolution. Today, we work in 1920×1080. These screamed to be remade, so I finally got a chance. I still have one more to remake, in that I shot the greenscreen portion but not the examples, so that still awaits being shot and finished.

This new workout thing hurts. I’m in pain, but a good kind of pain. It feels like I will survive the weight lifting, swimming, and boxing even though my arms can barely pickup a can of Coca-Cola afterwards. Maybe that’s the point.

Lorenzo keeps waking me up so early. I love this little guy so much. If a human woke me up that early every single day, I’d have probably tried to kill them by now. Lorenzo just makes me giggle, even when I am entirely frustrated by him, the little booger can do no wrong.

“Here comes the sun, it’s all right”
―George Harrison

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