One more day and I’m back to Facebook. I don’t think it will be exactly the same for me. It has its value, but it ain’t worth the emphasis put on it. Facebook does not replace actual human contact, or at least it shouldn’t. Because of work issues and going back to teaching, I was not super productive per se, at least not at anything outside of working a long, hard job that was on my plate. I did sneak in a couple little shoots and get some other things accomplished, but little of it was for me personally. Last night, I tore through the edit on one of the brand new tech tip videos. Found out some flaws in the raw footage, but one accidental take saved the day. One shot had the wrong focal length, and happened to be the one I was missing to make the entire example work, so in the end it saved me from a re-shoot.

I had taken the Canon T2i DSLR back to work, had even gone in to work to get footage and project files, and forgot to grab the camera. So I had to do two insert shots with my iPhone. No one will notice, or care for that matter. Since it was brightly lit shots, the exposure and quality won’t stand out.

I create custom music for some of these. Usually, I prefer someone else compose, and what I’m doing isn’t ‘composing’ because I just use loops to manufacture a mix of musical sounds into a music bed to play underneath the talking. As someone who can play multiple instruments, I find it offensive to call this ‘composing’, but I also accept its place as a way of creating original, royalty free custom music in no time.

Worked a bit more on color correction. This is an art form unto itself. I am by no means a colorist. I have had to learn this skillset out of necessity more than anything else. I don’t even think I am that good at it. I’m barely a notch above amateur at best when it comes to color correction.

My assistant editors helped out, in that they yelled at me and laid on my keyboard. Did very little to nothing with the homestead. Saturday was my day of rest, except for the editing for hours at a time. I struggled to get a movie in. No work out either, muscles sore and swimming Friday night was brutal.

Finalizing this Tech Tip edit today, then moving into work edits and uploads. Sunday will NOT be a day of rest, although the battle against procrastination will be epic.

“I am you and you are me. Why’s that such a mystery? If you want it you got to believe
Who are we? We’re who we are, riding on this great big star”
―Lenny Kravitz

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